Amazing! On the 23th September, Dolphinman (Cerizzi Paolo Eros) swam across the Strait of Messina wearing handcuffs - achieving the Guinness World Record "furthest swim wearing handcuffs"

Eros has crossed the Strait of Messina wearing handcuffs and he is waiting to be certified as a Guinness World Record Holder for the "Furthest Swim wearing handcuffs". An amazing event was creating around the Guinness World Record Attempt. Cerizzi arrived at the castle of Brolo, in which there is the museum of tortures, riding a horse and wearing handcuffs. The horse was led up by Diego Marino, a knight of the Marino Ranch. Dolphinman dismounted and was carried by two guards in front of the magician "Salvin". The magician locked dolphinman in a bag and then imprisoned him in a cell of the Castle. As soon as Dolphinman was imprisoned in the cell, he disappeared and suddenly reappeared on the famous sea rock of Brolo. He swam, wearing handcuffs, from the sea rock to the beach. When arrived on the beach, Dolphinman rode the horse behind the knight.
The next morning he arrived to the Strait of Messina where he made the attempt of crossing the Strait of Messina wearing handcuffs. The Strait of Messina is known for the presence of strong currents. Normally, for this reason, the crossing is valid wherever the swimmer arrives. However, as prescripted by the Guinness, he had to reach a predetermined point.
At the beginning he had a good speed, slightly slower than that the other swimmers who were swimming for charity ( ) without any impediments.
Cerizzi swam half way in just 35 minutes, then he came across a strong current, which led him southbound. While the other swimmers followed the stream and arrived further south, Cerizzi had to swim against the current for half way. The people were astonished seeing that he could swim against the current. Dolphinman finished in 2 hours and 01 minute and swam for 3162 meters (10439 feet), which highlights the difficulty of the second half of the course.

You can see below the Special episode made by the television program "OndaTV" (in Italian Language).