Dolphinman - City of Aquila outstanding on March 6th 2011
Jaked and dolphinman supported the Aquila sport.
Paul Eros Cerizzi (nicknamed "the dolphinman") during the official FIN event "Immota Manet", realized an Ironman record. Pool record, dolphin swam consecutive only at butterfly stroke for 3050m (10006 feet) in 1 hour 4 minutes 15 seconds and 50 cents.
The enthusiastic public applauded and encouraged the athlete for all the duration of the event, and burst into a thunderous final applause. Various media reported the record: The record was certified by the president of FIN judge and the timekeepers

The record was certified by the president of the A.S.D. Club L'Aquila Nuoto, Cristiano Carpente. It was certify that Cerizzi Paolo Eros swam consecutive at butterfly stroke in front of him, of the F.I.N.-G.U.G. judge Mss Marina Morone and of the lead timekeeper of F.I.Cr. Mr. Alessandro Maurizi, for 3050m (10006 feet) in 1 hour 4 minutes 15 seconds and 50 cents.

See the official certificate of the record (in Italian language).

Various media reported the record (link in Italian language):

Il Capoluogo

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il Centro

Italiatriathlon (intervista pregara)

A brilliant idea was to associate a lottery to the record. We had guessed the result of the record would have won a race package offered by Jaked and Hibros.

Cerizzi arrived at the event.
arrivo aquila

During the preparations just before the attempt.
sport attesa partenza

Before the start. Do to the exceptional event the judges allowed the athlete to pose for all those who wanted to make photos.
in posa

The start.

During the attempt.
nuotata a delfino

The passage at 2000m.

After 49 minutes during the attempt, during the stage diving:
dopo 49 min

After the arrival of consecutive 3050m swim at butterfly stroke in 1 hour 4 minutes
arrivo dopo 3050m

the happiness after the record:

Athletes and public compliment to Cerizzi.
i compliementi del pubblico presente

Dolphinman and the winners of the lottery whose prize was offered by Jaked and Hibros.
premiazione lotteria

An image that sets the atmosphere of the event.
l'atmosfera dell'evento

Posing with the award.
il premio